Selling Again!

I had to take a break from selling for a while because of personal and career reasons, but I am happy to say I now have a little more free time to start again. I am super excited! I miss all of my fun fetish friends. This means I will be adding a lot more panties and some other fun items up on my site so keep an eye out for some new stuff! I am going to be auctioning again too to get things started up again so look for Juicyamber on Ebanned if you would like also.


End of Summer

So sad that the temperature is cooling down and there are more clouds in the sky. Labor Day weekend always makes me sad. The last few years this weekend has been pretty sucky, but I am hoping things change this year. I will be watching college football with a bunch of friends on Saturday and then I will be going to a big BBQ with a bunch of friends and family on Sunday. Being a little bit of a bum today though. I don’t have to go back to work for a week so I am going to make the best of it. I am also hoping to spend some time on my site improving and adding things. I keep telling myself I will do it, but I just keep procrastinating. Now that I have some time off I will try not to make excuses though. Doesn’t help that my digital camera broke :(. Hoping to get a new one soon though so I can take more pictures. I probably would have bought one already, but I have been gone for a while on a work trip. I also moved into a new place right before I left. Busy, busy, busy. I don’t mind all of the traveling for work though since I earn extra when traveling. I hate being away from family and friends though. I also can’t be on here as much when I am gone and I enjoy the fun of my secret side of life. Hope everyone else has a great Labor Day weekend!


My Birthday


Thank you to all of my friends out there for the happy birthdays! I am currently nursing a little bit of a hangover after the fun I had last night. I had a few too many Irish car bombs. The perk of having a birthday close to St. Patrick’s Day is the Irish drink specials. I started out my night having dinner at an amazing Japanese restaurant. Then after I went to a bowling alley. All the while wearing this bra and panty set:


Sorry boys this one isn’t for sale lol. It’s way too comfy and cute to get rid of. The night would have been perfect if I wasn’t battling a head cold. Feeling a little bit better today though. Me and my mom went clothes shopping earlier for my birthday for my present. I went out in one of the outfits we picked out that day. Over all it was a good time :).

Panty Tease & Other Videos

Currently the only panty tease videos I have are on Mygirlfund. If any one would like to see them just mention my site when purchasing on there and I will give any video to you for 50% off! I have panty tease pics and videos. I also have pantyhose tease videos and pics. There some foot fetish pics and videos too. It is free to join if you want to check out my page on there to see what I have.The link is posted below.


No More Auctioning

I started this site because I really want to get away from auctioning sites like Ebanned. It was a good way to start out and make some money, but I am getting tired of the high cost of the fees involved. The auction site charges me and the auction hosting site does too. I hope as time goes on that all of the friends and customers I met on other sites will find this one. Although I am hoping this site will find me many new friends and customers at the same time. Another thing that really sucked was non paying bidders, they cost me every time, and there seems to be more and more of them. In the end I hope this will be an easier way for people to buy from me since they don’t have to fight other bidders for my items if they really want them and for me to start avoiding all those high cost fees.



Hello Everyone!

Hi there world, my name is Amber Jones. I have been selling used panties and other fetish items for about 2 years now. Today is the first day of my site. I am still trying to figure things out at the moment, but hopefully you will all like it so far. I’m sure I will be doing more updates as I figure things out and have more to put up. If you would like to see my videos then click on the link that says mygirlfund on my Contact Info and Other Sites Page 🙂